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Big Week 3 Win; Week 4 Decisions.....

Posted on: April 27, 2009 2:08 pm

First off, want to thank the 3 of you who left comments on my first blog. Hope you guys will continue to check me out. See my week 1 posting for my initial thoughts, and below are my thoughts on week 4. My co-GM is violently ill and I am indecisive, so I would definitely love advice.

Add/Drops (my league allows two adds per period)

Added Ryan Franklin, dropped Nick Blackburn
Added Nyjer Morgan, dropped David Dejesus
Dropped Trevor Hoffman

Starting Lineup

C- Iannetta. This is his make or break week. If he doesnt do well, I will find someone else to keep the position warm until Wieters comes up.

1B- Delgado. Not worried about him getting Wednesday off, as his matchups for Mon, Tue, Fri, and Sat are very good. I'l ltake my chances on 5 games from him.

2B- Kinsler. 'Nuff said.

3B- Cantu. Despite advice from multiple sources, I continue to like this guy. He is my veto move. I predict a top-10 3B finish for him.

SS- Derek Jeter. Solid, not spectacular.

OF- Jason Bay. He and Youkilis could be in a battle for AL MVP. Kinsler could make noise in that battle as well.

OF- Josh Hamilton. Ribcage a concern, but see below for my comments on his potential replacement.

OF- Nyjer Morgan. I smell sleeper on this guy. 100 runs and 30 steals not out of the question. OF's are a dime a dozen, so I can take a chance for now.

DH- Hank Blalock. 5 HR's can't be wrong. May only play 5 games this week, but as long as he's healthy, he can DH for me.


Matt Wieters, C. Just waiting for him to come up.

Elvis Andrus, SS. Speed and some pop. When it gets hot in TX this kid could put up some numbers.

Chris Young, OF. Bull's eye on his butt. He could be the next to go, especially on an AZ team that just isnt very good right now.


Here is where i have my biggest indecision. I can start any combo of 7 guys from the list below. I will list them in the order of "definitely starting" to "Not sure"

Dan Haren. A Gimme. 2 starts, even though one is against the Cubs. No question he starts for me.

Jonathan Papelbon. Sox are hot (oh it pains me to say that) and he looks awesome so far. Could get 4 saves this week, which would translate into 40+ points given my league's scoring rules. (2pts per IP, 1 pt Per K and 10 pts per Save.) Also no question he starts.

Johnny Cueto. Pitching against 2 so-so lineups, looked good his last outing. He's starting.

Armando Gallaraga. Only one start, but he has been great and I hold a special place for him in my heart as I had him last year. Starting.

Yovanni Gallardo. Ace of the Brew Crew. Lots of K's. Starting.'s where it gets dicey.

Roy Oswalt. A 2-starter, but game 1 he goes against Cueto. (I usually dont like starting starters against each other.) Start 2 is agains Jair Jurrjens and that's iffy for me. Oswalt hasn't sold me yet. Thoughts?

Ryan Franklin. Lights out so far. 4 games against the Nats. Could be a big save week for him.

Chad Qualls. So far, so good. Can put games away if the D-Backs could score!

Derek Lowe. One start against Houston. Solid. No qualms on using him. What do you think?

Paul Maholm. One start against Milwaukee. I'm also OK with him.

Tommy Hanson. Still in Minors (not for long?)

So basically what it boils down to is me wondering what to do for the final 2 spots of my pitching "rotation." Haren, Cueto, Gallardo, Gallaraga, and Papelbon are definites. I have 2 slots left with the choices being Oswalt, Franklin, Qualls, Lowe, and Maholm. I am anxious to see what people think. Hope to hear from you before lineups lock!



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Posted on: April 29, 2009 7:15 pm

Big Week 3 Win; Week 4 Decisions.....

I'd definately go with Maholm and keep my eye on Lowe.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 11:00 pm

Big Week 3 Win; Week 4 Decisions.....

For hitting, I'd go with the current line-up you indicated. Blalock keeps surprising me this season. I keep reminding myself it's only week 4 and he's due to land on the DL any moment now. But, since he seems to really be shining like he did earlier in his career there is no harm in keeping him starting while he's producing. As for pitching....put in Oswalt. My recommendation would be this: Haren (my NL cy young prediction), Oswalt, Gallaraga are definites. Cueto, Maholm, Gallardo and Lowe are anyone's guess. At least, that's how I see it. It would depend on how they are currently pitching. If Maholm is the hottest of the bunch, put him in. Or Cueto. Or Gallardo. You get the picture. But I wouldn't bench Haren, Gallaraga or Oswalt by no means. In fact, they are clearly your Aces. 

I like your team. Think I said that in my last response. The reason why is because you have three of my predictions this season: Bay as the AL MVP, Haren as the NL Cy Young and Papelbon as the AL saves leader. Nice team. Good luck.

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